This BNA type approved cargo space climate control system is a unique product on the market today. With this system you can maintain +4 to +30 degrees in the cargo space regardless of the season.

The IKL-series system is developed for the most demanding cargo logistics, such as medical transportation.


The heating power is 10kW (12V) or alternatively 12kW (24V) which produces both underfloor- and air heating. This gives you the benefits of both fast heating (air heating) and even temperature control (underfloor heating).

The cooling power is 3kW (12V) or alternatively 4kW (24V). By default, we have limited the cooling to +4 degrees (adjustable as needed) to prevent the load from being accidentally frozen.

The IKL-system is controlled by the Barth control system, adjusted through a 3.2” touch screen (alternatively an on/ off switch). The Barth control system automatically adjusts the machine to the desired temperature. The factory setting has a 2 degree coherence, that is, if the desired temperature is 15 degrees, the machine will run until 15 degrees is reached and restart when the load temperature is 13 or 17 degrees.