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About SSC Heating Systems Oy

SSC Heating Systems Oy, headquartered in Vaasa, Finland, specializes in delivering cutting-edge cargo space climate control systems tailored for the heavy-duty industry. Since our establishment in 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to producing a diverse range of ready-to-install heating and cooling solutions designed to optimize the climate within cargo spaces and cabins. We are a leading cargo space heating manufacturer in the Nordics, additionally offering and developing heating solutions for the boating industry and other sectors.





  • 1995: Our journey commenced with the installation and maintenance of Webasto and Eberspächer heaters.
  • 2007: SSC was founded and a significant investment was made in developing and serially producing cargo space heating solutions.
  • 2012: SSC Heating Systems became a limited liability company.
  • 2018: Pioneering the industry, we engineered the first ready-to-install cargo space air heater for vans.
  • 2018: Another milestone was achieved with the creation and manufacturing of the first cabin heater for non-electric cabins.
  • 2019: We introduced an innovative climate system capable of producing both warm and cool air within cargo spaces.
  • 2020: The launch of the VVIL, VVIL-Plus, and Marine-series climate systems marked a new era of advanced climate control solutions.
  • 2023: In collaboration with Scania, we led the innovation, construction, and launch of the world's inaugural electric heater designed explicitly for truck cabins and trailers, setting new standards in sustainable and efficient climate control solutions.
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Driven by a team committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, we prioritize competitive pricing without compromising quality. Our high production volumes, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and meticulously chosen component suppliers enable us to maintain competitive pricing while leading the industry in quality and technology. Collaborating with our esteemed partners and leveraging the expertise of our knowledgeable staff, SSC Heating Systems boasts the widest array of heating solutions in Europe for load space heating.