Launching VVIL-Plus

Our add on system VVIL-Plus was launched in September, as an additional water-powered heating system for cargo spaces with a cooling system, enabling BNA and BRC type approval. This system is unique on the market, providing the same heating effect as the largest air heaters. It is therefore suitable for the most demanding environments. 




Launching the VVIL-series

In July, we launched VVIL: the best heating system ever developed for heavy duty logistics. The system was developed as an affordable option to Mikuni and was further developed to become the only functioning heating system for trailers longer than 13 meters. The entire VVIL-series has a powerful air flow compared to other products on the market today, and our har work has now paid off. 




Launching the Marine-series

In May, we finally launched our Marine heating system for motor- and sailing boats. We have allocated resources to R&D to ensure high quality, and can now offer tailor-made climate solutions for our customers. 




Moving to Myllärinkatu

In March, SSC Heating Systems moved into its new facility at Myllärinkatu 21, Vaasa, Finland. The new facility is spacious and versatile, giving us a strong base for growth and securing efficient production. One of the core terms for the new facility was to enable better structuring of our production with dedicated inventory planning and production lines with good accessibility and ergonomics. At the same time, we get more space for working with our customers' vehicles and preparing our sale orders. 






Launching the IKL-series

The IKL-series was launched in May as a result of intensive product development, and marks a new milestone in climate control for heavy logistics. We are proud to offer a complete heating- and cooling system that enables BNA- and BRC type classification, and with which the most intricate climate demands in logistics are secured without a problem. This product establishes a new era for climate control in logistics, and fulfills all the needs in medical logistics, and more.